Building Value Through a Powerful USP

Most business owners believe their marketing is an 100% external objective. They think that the success of a marketing campaign is only measured with more traffic, phone calls, or showroom visits. When clients hire us, they want us to push buttons and double everything. I’ve heard the same story over many initial client phone meetings. Business owners want to double their sales and revenues and believe the only way to do it is to double their exposure. While our company has doubled many of clients’ exposure, in today’s post, I’ll share why that is the wrong objective when starting a marketing campaign. Today we’re talking USP, which is a company’s overall value offering and what makes them unique in the marketplace.


Segmenting RSS Blog Posts with Mailchimp


In today’s post, we’ll be talking about advanced Marketing Automation, the final step in the Four Step Marketing process. Sometimes I meet business owners who tell me that they’re too busy to follow-up with prospects by email. They then add that even if they had time to email their prospects, their prospects would be upset if they received these emails. Unfortunately, these business owners do not understand segmentation and have been burned in the past by over emailing and abusing their lists. Prospects do want to hear from you, but they want pertinent information and want to choose when they’ll receive updates. Today, I’ll share about Mailchimp’s RSS blog automation system, and how you can set up a system to automate your email marketing and create SEO friendly blog content at the same time. While this is a fairly advanced set-up, once you have it up and running it is 100% automated!