Overcoming Disappointments and Setbacks


It started out with exhaustion. Did I forget to take my medicine this morning? I couldn’t remember. Something wasn’t right as I just wasn’t feeling myself. By 11am, we arrived at my Mom’s house with kids in tow. My stomach was turning and I started to sweat. Oh no! Am I getting sick? I made a quick dash for the bathroom. Thank God, nothing came up. I shared the news while family members reached for the hand sanitizer. I would soon be lying down on my home’s bathroom floor, waiting for the next return of undigested food. It was Christmas day and I had the stomach bug. Nooooo!!!!

Innovation – Finding a Way to Win in Business


Yes, it is impressive. Sometimes, I get a little teary eyed thinking about how far we’ve come. If I let my mind wander through all the valleys on this journey, I really get choked up. My wife and I know all to well that it has never been easy. The stationary entrepreneur will always have it easy, but an entrepreneur who innovates will face struggles. When people tell me they’re impressed with what we’ve built, I tell them “Thank you!” and I sincerely mean it. In today’s post, I’ll share with you my innovational story and why entrepreneurs should push the limits of innovation. 

Mackdown Marketers – Read, Feed, and Bleed


Entrepreneurs know that seeing success isn’t a matter of luck. It takes passion, work, and a spirit that can’t be broken. Taking the leap from the secure W2 world to the land of self employment isn’t for faint hearted people. It is a huge leap of faith and takes more courage than most people can muster. In today’s post, I’ll share the story of a couple I recently met, who dared to cross over to the land of risk and adventure. I’ll outline THREE THINGS I saw in Thomas and Ashley that I also see in other successful entrepreneurs.