Joining the Apple Cult – Part 2


You can read part 1 of this post here – Joining the Apple Cult – Part 1

In my last post, I shared about how I recently made the dramatic switch to all Apple products and joined the cult. So what pushed me to go 100% Mac and ditch Windows? You can see my home office set-up in this post’s picture, a Mac Mini with two large monitors. It was my first Mac set-up and was where I learned to use Apple computers. However at my business office, I used a nice Windows system built with upgraded memory. The tipping point for me, was when my daughters’ touchscreen Windows 8 computer and my office Windows machine died, nearly at the same time! In today’s post, I’ll share a few reasons why I’m so glad I switched over to Mac from Windows Computers. 

Joining the Apple Cult – Part 1


As a marketing consultant and CEO, I use computers all day long. I have desktop systems with dual monitors at home and at my office. When I’m working on the couch or at a coffee shop, I have a laptop. What most people don’t realize is that I was very late learning computers. I purchased my first computer in 1999, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition. Remember that? Because I get so many questions about the technology we use here at LMS, I’ve decided to start off by sharing how I joined the Apple cult. Yes, I’m one of those guys now. And yes, I already know that Apple isn’t perfect. I also know that because I’m using Apple, I’m spending more on computers and IT. In today’s post I’ll share why we’re happy to pay more for Apple products and why I’ll probably never go back.