Saying NO – The Ultimate Success Hack


For most entrepreneurs, there’s dozens of moving parts in their business. From technology to communication, there’s a never ending to-do list. It only gets crazier when you add staff members. However, entrepreneurs fight on as their ultimate goal is to make it! Besides business, we have lives too. There’s kids, sports, and family emergencies. Unfortunately, as businesses grow, it only gets more complicated and busy. There’s even more pressure to perform and get things done. Entrepreneurs who started a business as a path to freedom, now find themselves trapped with too much work. In most cases, I find that the entrepreneur jeopardizes their health, family, or relationships for the success of the business. Not good! Sometimes the pressure gets to be so great, they give up all together and go back to having a JOB. In today’s post, I’ll answer the biggest secret I’ve learned to being successful as an entrepreneur. The secret might shock you, but it is a principle that Sarah and I try to live by.